Competition Time: Name That Pensioner!!!

Name that pensioner is our competition for this month. This months competition is very simple! All you have to do is name the pensioner in the picture above to win the prize of your lifetime. Its really really easy if you look close enough!! But, to get you going here are a couple of clues!:

"Observer Newspaper Sunday 07.05.06 Page 2.
The Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, is in line for a gold-plated pension package worth £1.5m if he stays in his cabinet post until 2010, the Observer can reveal.

Observer Newspaper Sunday 07.05.06 Page 10.
TECHNOLOGY: Faces with national pension crisis, a growing band of over-50's are taking crash courses in technology and using the internet to boost their income by up to £1,000 a year."

We have really given the answer away by the above clues but still, now all you have to do is name the pensioner in the above image, is it:
A- Mr Prescott or
B- Mr Average
If you have access to Technology you can text or indeed email your answers to:
i'mobviouslyafool@ or text to 69plus2, each text or email will not cost more than £400 a shot & please ask permission before using technology so that we can trace you afterwards.
If you do not have access to TECHNOLOGY please post your replies to:
P O BOX Please charge me later, Universe XYZ1 1ZYX enclosing a cheque for £600 as it costs more to open an envelope than to read an email.
Entry deadline is 6 years after your retirement age. Depending on the age of the lucky winner, he or she or it, will receive:
A- If over retirement age: The grand total of £1.50 investment into the 5th generation pension plan or
B- If under the retirement age: A promisary note that upon receiving all the winner's monthly disposabe income indefinitely for investment in our imaginary guaranteed pension plan that we will especially design for them, he or she or it will receive a guaranteed imaginary monthy pension of £2.50 for a whole month. ( subject to terms of attrition )

Now, isn't that a prize woth fighting for. Good luck & we look forward to cashing in on your dreams.
PS. Alas, telephone entries are not accepted as we could neither find a team of telephone operators in Asia nor a FREE phone number expensive enough for you to call. Ooopps Sorry!