Apology to all the assholes

I feel a bit better for my realization yesterday! more bad news today but I now know who's running the show. I wont details all the bad news I have heard today, nor will I name all those "you know what" kind of people who believe everyone is a fool. Suffice to say that having consulted the experts in my dreams last night, i have to now apologize to the Assholes in the world. Yesterday I said that the world is dominated by assholes, well....sorry about that folks. I now know that the world & world news is dominated by Maniacs!! relief! the difference is that an Asshole is just an Asshole & not a maniac, but a Maniac can be an Asshole too, "simultaneously". Some of you clever people knew this right!? don't have a picture for this one, so the previous one prevails! see below


World Domination with Street Photography!

This morning, on my way to work, I was violently sick behind the wheel. No, It wasn't food poisoning from last night! it wasn't alcohol poisoning either.Nothing as normal as that. I was just listening to the news on the radio in my car. I remembered Frank Zappa's song: More Trouble Every Day. What can i "DO" about it I thought! There are people who devote their entire life to it ( & some get Rich along the way!!!) I then remembered again another line from Frank Zappa: "the only other thing more plentiful in the universe than Hydrogen, is Stupidity". So, here is what i think: The world is 99% populated by nice people but dominated by Assholes!! a true ZEN saying. Just the realization of that is enlightening isn't it!?
So, here below is a befitting picture totally dedicated to the dominants! my Xmas card, Merry Xmas to them, & have a nice day. PS. This is NOT my work of Art. I saw this in a shop window in Stockholm. the shop was closed so i couldnt find out who's it was etc etc. i just took the picture. so, who ever is the creator of this art, deserves the credit, so here is to you kid!


Competition Time: Name That Pensioner!!!

Name that pensioner is our competition for this month. This months competition is very simple! All you have to do is name the pensioner in the picture above to win the prize of your lifetime. Its really really easy if you look close enough!! But, to get you going here are a couple of clues!:

"Observer Newspaper Sunday 07.05.06 Page 2.
The Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, is in line for a gold-plated pension package worth £1.5m if he stays in his cabinet post until 2010, the Observer can reveal.

Observer Newspaper Sunday 07.05.06 Page 10.
TECHNOLOGY: Faces with national pension crisis, a growing band of over-50's are taking crash courses in technology and using the internet to boost their income by up to £1,000 a year."

We have really given the answer away by the above clues but still, now all you have to do is name the pensioner in the above image, is it:
A- Mr Prescott or
B- Mr Average
If you have access to Technology you can text or indeed email your answers to:
i'mobviouslyafool@ whodoyouthinkyouarekidding.non.global or text to 69plus2, each text or email will not cost more than £400 a shot & please ask permission before using technology so that we can trace you afterwards.
If you do not have access to TECHNOLOGY please post your replies to:
P O BOX Please charge me later, Universe XYZ1 1ZYX enclosing a cheque for £600 as it costs more to open an envelope than to read an email.
Entry deadline is 6 years after your retirement age. Depending on the age of the lucky winner, he or she or it, will receive:
A- If over retirement age: The grand total of £1.50 investment into the 5th generation pension plan or
B- If under the retirement age: A promisary note that upon receiving all the winner's monthly disposabe income indefinitely for investment in our imaginary guaranteed pension plan that we will especially design for them, he or she or it will receive a guaranteed imaginary monthy pension of £2.50 for a whole month. ( subject to terms of attrition )

Now, isn't that a prize woth fighting for. Good luck & we look forward to cashing in on your dreams.
PS. Alas, telephone entries are not accepted as we could neither find a team of telephone operators in Asia nor a FREE phone number expensive enough for you to call. Ooopps Sorry!


INFLATION. A Study into the history of the word.

The property Tax AKA Council Tax in this part of the world will be going up by "as little as" ONLY twice the rate of inflation which I gather is 1.9%. In fact I "only" know of 2.5 other things that go up by the rate of inflation & one of them is THE RATE OF INFLATION! I was interested to know where the word INFLATION came from so I looked it up & found a PHD paper on the History of INFLATION but Richard Pumpaloaf who was revered by the late Frank Zappa.
I gather from this 966.2 page paper that the word Inflation has evolved over the last 1623.5 years with both Latin, Folklore & other interesting intentionally financial origins. But to cut a long story very short the word Inflation is a pronunciation evolution & simplification of 3 (some challenge this to be 4 or 5) different words. First,"IN" referring to page 322 was the first part indicating & expressing a desire to. Second,"Fellatio" expressing the feelings of joyful moments of sharing habits & interests & finally "Nation" referring to large groups of people living in semi-large settlemets.
The relics of the original text books reads: "......& then cometh time riseth to harvest anath teth deterioth layeth IN Fellatio with Nation, seath riseth non careth taketh leaveth.....etc etc" which was basically in plain English " he who is into the desire to share joyful moments with everyone else" hence INFLATION. Rather an interesting paper & highly recommended. Time to FLUSH!!

Disclaimer; The above is not the view of the writer & any views expressed is only the view of the expressee who is not the writer but the expression of the written view of the written version of the viewer's written words which is not in any shape underwritten or written but the second viewer & the reader of the first paragraph which was expressed with the sole intention of the intendee to intend the viewers written expressions at the first place. Thank you.


Global Population

Global Population Portrait!!! Bahhh...Bahhh...Bahhh

I have just been out & only by sheer luck, managed to capture a global population portraiture. Of course this represents only 99% of us & not all....bahhh....bahhh...bahhh. Alas, haven't managed to find the other 1% yet!! Yesterday I heard on the news (very briefly off course as it didn't seem all that important) that some of the other 1% were busy playing a game, turning gas & fuel pipelines & supply on & off on & off on & off!!! Rumor has it that they didn't tell any one about this game, NO ONE!!! Can u believe that NO ONE knew!!! I believe it.....Bahh...Bahh...Bahh....I did try to find out what the name of the game was but couldn't find out, I think it was something like Monopoly but a little different as in this game the 1% play with the 99%, & the 1% always win. The prize you wonder? is about a £1 Billion pound more over the usual fees for participating. Only the 99% pay a fee. Its an annual festival. Someone was really really really uspet about it & promised an investigation, I'm not sure what for to be honest...Bahh...Bahh...Bahh.....No one knows who or where they are!!! so it is difficult to get a portrait. I heard that they are a BIG family, they even have seven sisters!!! I think a few more brothers & uncles spread over the middle east, Europe & the other side of the Ocean. Someone on the news said that they were looking for them just to ask them "How come no one knew about this game"but...Bahh....Bahh...Bahh..not sure which direction they should look!!! I say, just a £1 Billion more that the odds!!! Gee not worth all that hassle & Fuss. As long as....Bahh....Bahh...Bahh..Then there is nothing to worry about...At least I have a picture of the majority...Bahh...Bahh...Bahh..Anyny how.....I'm too busy to worry about such things...Oh I think I now remember the name of the game, its MONO-PLAY!!! My my my...What a lovely green grass over there..Excusese me for a moment...Bahh...Bah....Ba......B........b..........

Road Kill Cuisine!!!

Some people & only some people might find my images of road kill distasteful,disturbing or odd!! I shant go into the "why & the How" but today I learned that long I started my Road Kill images, there "WAS" Road Kill Cuisine!!! Enter Mr Arthur Boyte, ha! you say?? check out the link below:


oh no.....we are not alone!!! beats the hell out of any supermarket, although i only photograph the poor creatures not eat them.


The joys of Street Photography, take a look at Paul Indigo's Blog


Today, if the sky is blue wherever you are, then take a good look at the "blueness" of the sky & take a deep breath.
Apparently, very very soon, if you dont agree to the GAS price increases, thay now have the technology not only to turn your gas supply right OFF, but also to paint your sky BLACK!!! so, enjoy it while you can!


I was in Hamburg last November & I stayed in a city centre hotel. In the afternoon when I left the hotel & onto the main road right in the heart of the city, I immediately noticed a man sitting by the exit/entrance, begging for money. This man continually made a sort of howling sounds to attract attention to himself. The sounds he made were rather eerie & the sort that would & could create disturbing emotions, just like a bad nightmare & as if he didn’t have a tongue & couldn’t speak. One or two people dropped some change into his cup.

A non German family with a little boy were passing by. The beggar had obviously caught the attention of the little boy who was probably 5 or so years old. His father gave the boy a coin & the boy very very cautiously tiptoes towards the beggar whilst maintaining his eye contact. I think the boy was both curious, frightened & at the same time listening to his father who was encouraging him to approach the beggar & put the money in the cup. & so did the boy. As I passed him by, I wondered if I should have asked him to take a picture. But I didn’t. I thought about it for sometime afterwards.

The next morning, I left the hotel by the same exit & there he was again. So this time I approached him with my camera & a look & gesture that without saying a word transmitted the message that I wanted to take his picture as I held 2 Euros as an offering.

He smiled & agreed & I took two pictures. He could actually SPEAK!! When I talked to him, He said a work or two in English, a word or two in German. But I gathered that he was NOT German but from East Europe.

When I put my camera to my eye, without any form of encouragement from me, he lifted both his arms as if he knew what sort of picture I wanted! He “Posed”. I took the pictures & thanked him & he nodded in response. Once I was done, I noticed that a few girls had been standing behind me & watching the whole thing. I also noticed a few people who were passing by looking at me & looking at him. I couldn’t help but feel that some of the impressions were of disapproval & ghastly disgust. How can he take this poor man’s picture!!

I walked away.

But it all me think.

Who was taking advantage of who here!!

Who exploits who! If indeed that happens!!

Was I guilty of taking advantage of him by offering him money to take his picture? But then again, he was happy to take the money & he even posed for it!!!

Is he “not” taking advantage of the passers by appealing to their emotions in this specific way of communicating, using his disability as an aid for the cause!! Were the passers by being taken the advantage of???

May be it was a bit of both!! May be it didn’t warrant so much thinking. May be I do what I do & he does what he does. & may be that’s the way it works.

Its it & that’s that!

I wish him luck.