Living On The Margin

Last week, in the latest issue of the British Journal Of Photography I read that the Times Magazine has set a new £100 record FEE ( I think that's what they called it) for image processing paid to photographers. This has given me a great excuse to write to TESCO. you might have heard in the news recently, that TESCO are offering mini advertising BILL BOARDS for home sellers to advertise their homes! this they say: is not designed to take business away from the notorious estate agents ( not that I mind the estate agents to get a run for their money you understand!) but I wonder now if TESCO would like to perhaps also enter the Photography industry by arming the night shift shelf stackers (who do a wonderful job for the money & for whom I have all the respect) with compact digital cameras & teach them a few photoshop lessons ( the cost of which no doubt TESCO can recoup from their wages) & join forces with the TIMES & offer an image processing for a competitive £49.99 ( & a free Bottle of 1.5 Lt Evian Water) hence eliminating the need for the times to use freelance thus sharing all the proceeds between themselves. That way, we can brick our doors & all stay at home!!! Now, isn't that a good idea?? to celebrate the occasion I dedicate the image below XXX to all the industrialists in the world.