Good Bush! Street Photography

Good Bush, originally uploaded by johnny mobasher.

I Saw a Street performer in Boston a few weeks ago, Harvard Sq. It was a sunny day! He had his props and was humming away in a mike which you could hardly hear. He had a Bowl for collecting money with a flag wrapped around it. He was humming away so quietly that you could hardly hear. As you might be able to imagine, Harvard Square was rather noisy. People sitting in the sun, on the pavement, on the street cafes drinking coffee, having lunch, walking the dog and buying Harvard T's. You has to cut all the noise out of your head and listen very carefully to what he was humming! It was almost as if he really didnt care if no one heard it as long as he kept his own melody going. I guess, some people wouldn't even realize that he was a street performer! Even I, am not now sure if he was! He struck me more like a quiet, Hippie type of opted out clever character who was projecting an attitude of.... I do what I do and I don't give a fuck anymore coz no one really does....But I could be wrong. I'm not in his shoes. The humming was actually very soothing to hear, I repetitive. It suited it to be repetitive. It had its own melancholy melody. It did make you feel Sad. Thoughtful even. I walked around him for a while, but he took no notice of me. He was behind one of his tall props humming into an old
looking small mike. And he would move the lips of this large prop which looked like a human head. The lips didnt move too well, or may be they stings didn't control the lips too well. One of the props had a Slogan on it: NOT ALL BUSH IS GOOD BUSH!!! A clever message, isn't it? The humming was: Where have all the soldiers gone? Where....have all the soldiers gone?.....Where have all the soldiers gone? Street Songs, Street Messages, Street Photography, Street Encounters, Street Photography, Where have all the soldiers gone.......

So, I guess I'll Just make a phone call...

I'm sweating.
Blazing sun all day.
Even now at sun set.
AhH...My back.
She's always criticizing me.
I'm gonna be a little late.
My knee.
Need to get some new cheap shades for days like this.
It wont be long now.
Jacko was right about the bitch.
Always wondered what happened to my diary.
We don't ever want to slow down.
The Fucking Flirt.
Did I tell..... Did I?....Did I tell Milly!??
I don't remember.
Jacko was right!
The Fucking bitch.
Oh...My back.
Did he just take my picture?
I should have killed the Bitch when I had the chance.
Jacko was right.
Its just like my shadow on the wall.He......did, take my picture!
I should have Killed....
So, I guess I'll just make a phone call...