What I read in reverse order!

Last weekend, i read an article written by Germaine Greer about her experience with Diane Arbus. first of all & for obvious reasons,i was delighted to read that she refered to Arbus as a street Photographer.I think the article was either in the weekend Guardian magazine or the Observer.I was very tired when i read it but i think the article was less compimentary to Arbus than any other article i have ever read ( unless i misunderstood it due to fatigue!! ) but it seemed to me the what really upset Germaine Greer was lack of "control" which i thought was self inflicted, & the visibility of all her porse, no make up & a bad hair do!!! Femenist!! now at that time i had not even seen this picture & off course i didnt know Diane Arbus. But I thought, well, who forced you to lay on the bed on your back?? why not say, get off my chest when Arbus climed up?? & what was wrong with that anyhow??? PORSE? hairdo?? Make up?? Vanity!!?? any how, there was certainly a big POP at Arbus in the article even though it ends a bit smoother, I thought. So a few days later, I get a copy of the PREVIOUS weeks weehend Guardian magazine & Shazem! there is another article about Diane Arbus's V & A exhibition in London & in it, there is the picture of Germain Greer with no make up, all porse showing. u cant really see the hairdo but i thought it was irrelevant anyhow. this editorial was written by non other than Peter Crookston & was a delight to read. & as for the picture miss Greer, u worried about it too much. its a portrait, thats all. I thought for a few moments "what" words would describe the look in her eye & I had to imagine that i didnt know about Arbus was sitting on her chest!! I had to imagine that Miss Greer was not worried about her Porse or make up & hairdo, I had to imagine that I had not read the article about it. & then I thought, u know, If Miss Greer had not made it public knowledge hersef, would anyone know or how could u tell from the picture that someone was on her chest or any other details!!?? does she look worried?? Frightened?? upset?? annoyed?? tired?? depressed?? may be the picture was taken standing up?? I gave up thinking about it. I think its just an "honest" picture with great detail.

So....Miss Germain Greer, may I extend an invitation to u of a portrait sitting for me please?? I'll be great. & I promise, I wont sit on your chest, honest. So, how about it???
need to rush now..........


Last weekend was the second time that I read about Diane Arbus. This was an article published in the Saturday Telegraph magazine to promote the forthcoming Diane Arbus Photography exhibition, "Revelations" at the Victoria And Albert Museum. Several pages & very well written I thought. The term Street Photography was never mentioned in this article but...... She was a Street Photographer & I that with the greatest respect. I have long said that street Photography is a conceptual continuity, & what she did, was a quest with a continuity for more of the same.

When I got my first camera, early teens, I never knew that the term Street Photography existed! All I was interested in was to go into the streets & take pictures, this was way back in the early seventies when big names of the photography world like Lee Frieldlander, Garry Winogrand, Cartier-Bresson & many others including Diane Arbus were making a big name for themselves or had already done. & so what I guess I'm saying is that non of them were really an influence on me but later in life when I became familiar with what they did, I LIKED WHAT THEY DID!!!.......& I guess, if I had been influenced by anyone, may be I would have chosen Arbus to be influenced by!! I think she had "balls"!! If u acquire my drift & who know if that was good or actually bad for her health!! Many people are now influenced by what she did & if she wasn't the way she was, may be she wouldn't have been the same influence. I don't know why she went, but I do know that 99% of the time its probably Desperation combined with Depression. God Bless!
Back to the article in the Telegraph, I loved the picture "A blind couple in their bedroom,Queens,NY 1971"


What is Street Photography!? well, I cant explain it any better than this at:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Street_photography which is a link I recently came across from one of my links with Alan Wilson ( see links at http://www.streetphotography.co.uk )

But what I have come to realize is that Street Photography is not just about pictures, To coin a phrase by the Late Frank Zappa, its a "Conceptual Continuity", but of the Vision!