Hey...Boy...., originally uploaded by johnny mobasher.

Hey Boy….

I’m takinoyou….


Whachu jus do….

Excuse me?

You jus took ma picture boy….


You jus took ma picture…..

Ahhhh… emm….

Spititout boy….. don be actin no surpriiiize boy


You wan me to kickyo ass….speakup boy….

Well… I just might have….

Am Gonna kickyo ass with ma stick boy…..

Yes I think I did take your picture……

O’rite then boy….jus waaned to know…..

Street Photography and Other Stories......


Street Photography

originally uploaded by johnny mobasher.

it's only 10pm, USA, Warm summer's night, the days are of the sort that some people use umbrellas to walk under shade, the homeless are in bed by now, in this case, one on the left and one on the right, one with an umbrella already in place to DELAY dawn! each with their own space, side wall of a Church on a corner of Two very busy street both at night and during the day, I cant remember how many times I have seen this very location now, may be four times, four nights, this is the first time i see the umbrella, two other people, homeless, sleep by the front door, during early evening before the homeless arrive, buskers play on for a few buck right at the front, there are, at least, two dozen restaurants within 5 minutes walk of this very spot, some you have to stay in line for 20 minutes or so, filet stakes, Red wine, Deserts and Seductions. There are Art galleries within 3 minutes walk where Photographs, paintings, sculptures sell for over a average man's annual salary, there are apartments for $5 Million less than two minutes walk, Armani, Gucci and the rest of them within an arms reach of the same spot, people promenade before and after dinner, and I......must take my picture!!!!


Where The Hell.....

Where The Hell....., originally uploaded by johnny mobasher.

Where the hell are you?

Home? Been waiting outside Joe's for an hour.

What Do you mean you NOT coming?

Why the hell Not?

I don't believe this shit I'm hearing!!

I'm not swearing.

No I'm not.
Who the fuck is he?

I'm Not swearing, who is he?

who is he?

I bet I do! tell me...

Martin?Martin? That Fucking Jerk?

Yes he is!

Yes he is. Everyone knows he's a Jerk!

Now Listen....

Hang on a sec, when did I....

That was NOT my fucking fault....

I'm not paranoid....

No I'm not.

I'm Not Fucking Paranoid...

You Bitch...I'm not Paranoid...


Hey...Did you just take my picture?

No I didnt?

Hold on a second, someone Just took my picture...
You Just took my picture?

No I didnt, I take pictures of street lamps at night!!!

You just took my picture....

Dont be paranoid.


Hello....Hello...Hello.... She Hung up....

Jesus and Street Photography

Hey Bro, Ya comin to Church?
I Might!
Ya Might?
I'm Thinkin bout it.
What ya thinkn bout?
Comin To Church!
Don be a smart ass...Ya comin?
I might!

Ya Believe?
I'm a man of God.
A man of God? well, Church is the house of God, So ya comin right?
Got a house of God in ma head.
It aint the same?
How doya know?
it aint!

ma man.....

Street Photography & other stories.....