Later that night....

Later that night...., originally uploaded by johnny mobasher.

Later that night I went to the bar that I knew she was supposed to be. I didn't go in and waited outside. A cold night. I sat on the doorway of a closed shop and waited patiently. At about 10.15 a bike rider arrived and only after the helmet was taken off, I realized it was her. It was dark and far across the street but I could still tell it was her. I could recognize her almost anywhere. The unmistakable hair, height, build and....... She took a good slow look around as she lit a cigarette. Still Fucking Smoking I thought! For a fraction of a second I thought that she'd seen me but she didn't. Took a long draw of tobacco and went it. Less than 2 minutes later I heard the stomach ripping.....unbearable....less than 30 second later, a man on fire was catapulted out of the doors on to the street....followed by the sound of Two gun shots coming from the echoed.... soon after Two other men came out....She followed out...Lit another Cigarette and run her fingers through her hair. it was chaos yet they all looked so calm. there was almost nothing left of the man who was on fire....the man who was shot.... I think was dead!!! A passing Police car stopped and two policemen with their guns in hand rushed out....She walked to them and whispered something in the ear of the taller of the two. Before she was finished, they put their hand guns back into the holsters. They then, without saying a single word, got back into the car and drove off. A women who had heard the cacophony and was looking thought her first floor open window, shut the window and pulled the window blind down. Another car arrived and two men put the other two in the back of the car, nodded to her, got in the car themselves and the driver drove off. She stood there. All of this in less than 4 minutes. As if nothing had ever happened. She threw the Cigarette on the ground and with her left foot stood on it, twisted her foot to the left and right and extinguished it. She then started to walk across the street towards me. I then realized that she HAD seen me when she first arrive. How foolish to think otherwise. She still had a gun in her left hand. She unzipped her leather jacket and put it back in the holster and zipped up again. I stood up and took my hand out of my pocket. Closer and Closer. She came and stood so close that I could smell her perfume. So close....So close.... I just smiled and said: You hungry?.....Chinese, she replied with a smile.......Lets Go......


World Population Series 678,988

This is one of those portraits that not even one word was exchanged...well, just TWO words at the end...Thanks You....I saw this gentleman outside the train station....seeked permission to take his photograph by gesticulation, he agreed by moving his indicating a YES, I took two shots, Showed him one, thanked and we parted.....I for one...Loved his expression....No idea what his name is or hwere he was comming from or where he was going to....and thats one more shot...



Topless 1

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Walking around in Amsterdam on a Feb cold but suuny day. The afternoon was a little warmer that the morning. We noticed thsi man in one of teh squares sitting on a rail sunbathing and a milliom miles away. I think everyone noticed him and not just us. Everyone had a smile as they saw him. I took the fist shot and he didnt even look up, so I took another as he started to pick his nose and the another from the back and as I walked away, the last shot across the square. One of the girls walking in Topless 4 noticed me and gave a smile....and thats the end of the story....... Street Photography never dies!

Topless 2

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Topless 3

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Topless 4

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Man on Haarlem

Man on Haarlem, originally uploaded by johnny mobasher.

I have come to the conclusion that I must Street Photograph the entire world polulation, one by one excluding anyone in prison for now! I have calculated that at this rate, It will take me 369 years and 4 months, give or take 7 hours. I will then start the Prison population portraits which will not take me as long because by then, most people whom I have already photographed will be in prison!!! This was a cool dude!! There we have it.


I wondered around...

I wondered around..., originally uploaded by johnny mobasher.

I wondered around all day...I had to kill some was part sunny in the afternoon but freezing...I had nowhere else to go...nowhere else to be until midnight...I wanted to see her before I went...I had to see what he looked like before I went...I knew she wanted to see me too...did she really...I wasnt looking forward to the next day because I knew what had to happen...why did it HAVE to happen...why...maybe she could tell me...maybe she would know how to stop it...little did i know...little did I know...Little did I know...

She Asked...

She Asked..., originally uploaded by johnny mobasher.

She asked, she "told" me to wait....wait & I will be there...dont leave, I must see you...I must tell you...I need to tell you & you need to know she said & then she hung up...It was 5 minutes past midnight... it was -18C & getting colder. I waited until 3.15am...I didnt even put my new hat one so she could regognize me easily...we had spoken about 30 times but this was the first time she had agreed & told me we must meet...the hot dog man was wondering why i was still there when he left...where was she...what happened to her...why didnt she call...why wouldnt she answer my calls...what was she doing there with him...why with him...

First Glace...

First Glace..., originally uploaded by johnny mobasher.

This is the first time I saw him! I was on the 6th floor. I thought he would be of a bigger build. I had heard about his attitude before. He walked very must be -17C. The car stopped & he got in.....I had to rush....


Lewis Mendez

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Lewis Mendez: He's been taking Street portraits with a Speed Graphic since 67 and now with a polaroid Back & Metz. Whilst I was with him, a young man in his 20\'s passing us by asked Lewis if we wanted to sell his camera. Lewis asked the boy: How Much U Got!! 11 Bucks said the boy. Lewis replied: Add another 1100 & we might have a deal!! the boy smiles & said, thats ok, I just wondered if you knew what you had in your hands!!! He took my Portraite, signed it and gave it to me. I took a look at the lens and said: you know thsi lens could do with a clean! Looks like its never been cleaned Lewis!! He replied, Thats ok...It adds Atmosphere to teh picture!! Lewis is an old timer & a gent. God Bless. A REAL Street Photographer.



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4 months after the first time I met him on Carlton, I saw him again on Queen St you remember me I asked?? Oh yeah....But I'm not sure if he really did.... Whats happened to your leg I asked!? Oh man...I've been through a lot.........

The Man on Yonge....

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The Devil's Look..... How would you like to take this man home to meet your mum!!??