Lewis Mendez

Lewis Mendez 1, originally uploaded by johnny mobasher.

Lewis Mendez: He's been taking Street portraits with a Speed Graphic since 67 and now with a polaroid Back & Metz. Whilst I was with him, a young man in his 20\'s passing us by asked Lewis if we wanted to sell his camera. Lewis asked the boy: How Much U Got!! 11 Bucks said the boy. Lewis replied: Add another 1100 & we might have a deal!! the boy smiles & said, thats ok, I just wondered if you knew what you had in your hands!!! He took my Portraite, signed it and gave it to me. I took a look at the lens and said: you know thsi lens could do with a clean! Looks like its never been cleaned Lewis!! He replied, Thats ok...It adds Atmosphere to teh picture!! Lewis is an old timer & a gent. God Bless. A REAL Street Photographer.

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TheCamerawala said...


Thanks for the interesting story. I also love to do street photography. The story touched me because these days we believe, to do street photography one needs a small pocketable camera. But here you see a man with a big view camera making street photos. What a shock!!! and that makes it more interesting. Also the portrait is nicely composed.