Later that night....

Later that night...., originally uploaded by johnny mobasher.

Later that night I went to the bar that I knew she was supposed to be. I didn't go in and waited outside. A cold night. I sat on the doorway of a closed shop and waited patiently. At about 10.15 a bike rider arrived and only after the helmet was taken off, I realized it was her. It was dark and far across the street but I could still tell it was her. I could recognize her almost anywhere. The unmistakable hair, height, build and....... She took a good slow look around as she lit a cigarette. Still Fucking Smoking I thought! For a fraction of a second I thought that she'd seen me but she didn't. Took a long draw of tobacco and went it. Less than 2 minutes later I heard the stomach ripping.....unbearable....less than 30 second later, a man on fire was catapulted out of the doors on to the street....followed by the sound of Two gun shots coming from the echoed.... soon after Two other men came out....She followed out...Lit another Cigarette and run her fingers through her hair. it was chaos yet they all looked so calm. there was almost nothing left of the man who was on fire....the man who was shot.... I think was dead!!! A passing Police car stopped and two policemen with their guns in hand rushed out....She walked to them and whispered something in the ear of the taller of the two. Before she was finished, they put their hand guns back into the holsters. They then, without saying a single word, got back into the car and drove off. A women who had heard the cacophony and was looking thought her first floor open window, shut the window and pulled the window blind down. Another car arrived and two men put the other two in the back of the car, nodded to her, got in the car themselves and the driver drove off. She stood there. All of this in less than 4 minutes. As if nothing had ever happened. She threw the Cigarette on the ground and with her left foot stood on it, twisted her foot to the left and right and extinguished it. She then started to walk across the street towards me. I then realized that she HAD seen me when she first arrive. How foolish to think otherwise. She still had a gun in her left hand. She unzipped her leather jacket and put it back in the holster and zipped up again. I stood up and took my hand out of my pocket. Closer and Closer. She came and stood so close that I could smell her perfume. So close....So close.... I just smiled and said: You hungry?.....Chinese, she replied with a smile.......Lets Go......

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