Street Fashion Shoot (world Population Series 9,678,876 th Person)

Hat: Blue Angora with 22 Carat Yellow Gold Embossed Swan and Platinum band around the hat with Bullet proof silk lining and inner thermal and bio thermal air conditioning available in 89 colors, by MonteSarce $989,000. Platinum High Shine Taxi Whistle with 2Ct Diamond innder whistle ball and Royal Blue Ribon imported from MoolahLand by Gumogucci $1,126,000. Winter Coat in Blue All Weather Thermo Therpsical Ejectomenta Fibre Twist with Air Conditioning by YSLooLoo $2,823,000. 54Ct Diamond encrusted Saphire face submarine space watch (not seen) with Platinum inflicted Tatanium Sudo Mayo Bond Xonty strap by Rolando Polandi $52,300,000 and 6Cents. (10% discount for two). Black Angora Dora couture Anti Fatigue pants by Pauline Smith Arminio $9,645,000. Black Tinto Romano Blastino Monino Blapunte' Duninio Zapatini courture shoes by Marc ChooChoo Cohen and Kaan $18,982,000 . Location: Park Plaza Boston. Model: Ma Man Jack...PRICELESS. Thank you jack. I'd like to thank my assistances: Lisa,Joe, Jane "I'm So Horny" Blitz, Cape, Cod, Franklin, Sue "lets Pump" Diva, MooMoo, Deevahen, Ozgal, Chi Chi La punk, Doreen "Topless" Load, Lala, Steve, Lisa2, Norman Pump a loaf, Doodoo, and Potato headed "surpeise" Bob, Lulu "baby baby baby" Jones, Lucy " I love honey on it" Jackson, John "get this" Smith, and HIM. Stylist: The Retro Fashion District of Mass in Full force and Baby Doll " lets Rip" Forever design agency and once again Thank You JACK.

Street Photography by Street Photographer

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