Fashion Street Photography Kyle

Niagara Washed Denim Jeans by Maverick A. Hole Couture $62,003. Baseball Cap by Extortion Sportswear $1300. Eyewear, Models Own. Check no Button summer wear by joint collaboration Paul Thims and Ralph LaaLaa $15,000.52.
Expression: Beautiful
Roses by: What the hell am I doing on this battlefield florists, $FREE
Kiss: By Also $FREE
Location: Boston, You scared the hell out of me street.

Fashion Street Photography, Zo

Work Uniform: 100% Agent Orange fiber mix made for a bowl of rice in Vietnam by Look At Us Hardwear $28,000. Combat T shirt by More Troops Fashion $989. Skull Buckle Belt by The Last Man Who Criticized Leatherwear $7900. Anti Glare Lazer Shades by No 1 in Particular eyewear $12,000. Knuckle Wrap by Emergency Protection $63,000.
Model: Zo, Priceless
Location: NY, NY
Stylist: Miss Lippy Flap
Photography Assistant: Kimmy (No Name) precious.
Lighting: By Almighty

Fashion Street Photography, Music Wear,

T shirt by: Red T pussy wear $922. Shades by Blind Alley Mother wear $1000. 5Ct white Diamond encrusted Red wristband by Twang Twang Twang Aka 3T $18,000. hair style by Mirror Mirror On The Wall $2500 including drying. Electric Guitar: played well.
Music: was the best
Location: Newbury Street Boston
Collection: A Few bucks.
God Bless and thank you