World Domination with Street Photography!

This morning, on my way to work, I was violently sick behind the wheel. No, It wasn't food poisoning from last night! it wasn't alcohol poisoning either.Nothing as normal as that. I was just listening to the news on the radio in my car. I remembered Frank Zappa's song: More Trouble Every Day. What can i "DO" about it I thought! There are people who devote their entire life to it ( & some get Rich along the way!!!) I then remembered again another line from Frank Zappa: "the only other thing more plentiful in the universe than Hydrogen, is Stupidity". So, here is what i think: The world is 99% populated by nice people but dominated by Assholes!! a true ZEN saying. Just the realization of that is enlightening isn't it!?
So, here below is a befitting picture totally dedicated to the dominants! my Xmas card, Merry Xmas to them, & have a nice day. PS. This is NOT my work of Art. I saw this in a shop window in Stockholm. the shop was closed so i couldnt find out who's it was etc etc. i just took the picture. so, who ever is the creator of this art, deserves the credit, so here is to you kid!


I am David said...

Strange to discover your very entertaining rant on a**holes running the world while listening to 'C**ts are still running the world' by Jarvis Cocker. I laughed.

Johnny said...

indeedits Funny isnt it! didnt know about the jarvis cocker's song but must say not surprised that others also think that. he is famous though!