Apology to all the assholes

I feel a bit better for my realization yesterday! more bad news today but I now know who's running the show. I wont details all the bad news I have heard today, nor will I name all those "you know what" kind of people who believe everyone is a fool. Suffice to say that having consulted the experts in my dreams last night, i have to now apologize to the Assholes in the world. Yesterday I said that the world is dominated by assholes, well....sorry about that folks. I now know that the world & world news is dominated by Maniacs!! relief! the difference is that an Asshole is just an Asshole & not a maniac, but a Maniac can be an Asshole too, "simultaneously". Some of you clever people knew this right!? don't have a picture for this one, so the previous one prevails! see below

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