Germaine Greer on Unknown Brown & Other Stories

Published in the Observer Magazine 23 Sept 2007, I read with some interest an introduction by Germaine Greer to the new Jane Brown 128 page Photography book "Unknown Brown". Sounds like a great book!! But what puzzles me the most which I also find unpalatable & bitter is the personality & in general other comparisons that Ms Greer makes between Jane Brown & Diane Arbus. Having read the article, midway there are complimentary comparisons with Bresson,Frank & this & that.....But somehow Germaine Greer manages to arrive at a negative comparison which is no more that an obvious personality attach upon the now dead, Diane Arbus. It sounds very Negative, bitter, deliberate & pointless. Why bring one down to push one up!!! Why do it AT ALL!!?? whats the point!!! Fair enough to want to compare Jane Brown to the likes of Bresson & all that, but why the urge to even bring up such a negative personal reflection of Diane Arbus's personality which can only be due to Germaine Greer's own experience with Diane Arbus which has obviously left a scar!!! Don't get me wrong, I don't know Jane Brown personally but I know of her work & some great work she has & this takes nothing away from Jane Brown., but I do feel that it takes something away from Germaine Greer!!! Not worthy of the Alive & the kicking & kicking she does!!! Some Love Arbus & Some Hate it.....& its a free country.....& maybe Germaine Greer even states the obvious but I for one don't think so!! In my view, its an overriding internal obsession.... If its that bad I suggest that Germain Greer should pick up the Phone here & tell Diane Arbus "I wish you were dead"!!! Let the dead be.....but, here is the phone.....

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