So, I guess I'll Just make a phone call...

I'm sweating.
Blazing sun all day.
Even now at sun set.
AhH...My back.
She's always criticizing me.
I'm gonna be a little late.
My knee.
Need to get some new cheap shades for days like this.
It wont be long now.
Jacko was right about the bitch.
Always wondered what happened to my diary.
We don't ever want to slow down.
The Fucking Flirt.
Did I tell..... Did I?....Did I tell Milly!??
I don't remember.
Jacko was right!
The Fucking bitch.
Oh...My back.
Did he just take my picture?
I should have killed the Bitch when I had the chance.
Jacko was right.
Its just like my shadow on the wall.He......did, take my picture!
I should have Killed....
So, I guess I'll just make a phone call...

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I like... ;)