Che 2, originally uploaded by Johnny Mobasher Street Photography.

Who can this man be! I have been seeing this image, the image of a man with a beard wearing a hat everywhere i go! I see this man on Cigarette Lighters in Souvenir shops in Spain, on T shirts in NY, on Posters in Poster shops in London, Men wearing him in Boston, On Hats in Flee Markets in Cambridge, on Handbags in Manchester, On Stickers, people wearing the image around their necks on medallions, on belt buckles, smoking a joint. Always the same image! Who is this man!? I even recently saw his image on a poster at a cinema, is he an actor!? Who can this man be. I once asked a man who was wearing a T shirt with this image: Who is this man, I asked? He replied: Dunno!... a Cool guy! A Cool Guy, I said? Yeah...he's really cool. I asked the sales girl in the Poster shop, she said, Ah.... All I know is that his name is Che!
So a cool guy called Che, who's image is everywhere but not many people who wear it or sell it know who he is other than he was a cool guy!!! is that IT!? Is this what he lived for! What he stood for! I guess millions of us ordinary folks WOULD want to be remembered as COOL but not if you’re not a member of the ordinary league then you would want to be remembered for what you were extra-ordinary, na!?
Ok, Ok, he is Che! and I guess that he never imagined his image would end up in places that it has.
I don't know about any of that but if you were to be a revolutionary, you would like to look like him!! No!? You would also hope people would know who you were and what you did. Good or Bad. A Hero or a Villain. But I'm not sure if you would want to be on Cigarette lighters and coffee mugs!! For a Cheap Thrill!! But then again, may be you would. Would you???
Don’t get me wrong, I am a FAN of Photography only! And Frank Zappa!


Mellow Yellow said...

I like your blog
Its interesting and random
like mine
and your pictures are pretty cool too.

Andrew Gould said...

Great image and interesting observations. We coincide here totally, Johnny, as I've often thought the same on seeing those Che pics all over the place on clothing, etc.

I must have missed the blog when I visited your galleries, but I'll be back, for sure!
(I have a new wordpress blog now, by the way.)