Blank Is The New Banal, Said: David Toyne!

How right David was in my previous Blog when he said that "Banal is the new Blank" well said. I was in Amsterdam week before last & had to laugh to myself remembering what David said when I visited a Gallery enjoying some great work, but amongst which were 3 WHITE canvas's on the wall. I think they might have had something very faint on them, or may be they were finger marks of disbelievers, so random artists wanting to add something to the canvas or indeed the "ARTIST" itself. To be honest, I didn't even read the notes on the wall, but it was memorable that I had to take this picture at the risk of getting arrested in the Gallery & here is the picture below!!

So, looks like Banal "Is" the new Blank!!! I was so very lucky because just as I took this picture, I heard the voice of Sir Philleep Pumpa-Tube behind me!!! Hello Sir Philleep what you doing here I said?? buying some art son, he replied. Sir Philleep also being one of the highest universal Art authorities & a huge art Collector had just flown in from London. He just paid $22 Million for a "Soiled" Pair of cotton under garment clothing by the famous artist Nancy pussylips! the next big thing. I asked Sir Philleeps opinion about the Blank Canvas whilst I had him there. he gave me a "Don't you know your art you idiot" look and the he explained: The whiteness of the dillematic domains of the dimensional perspective in the notional integrity of the artists mind is obviously resonating in the emotional ambient of the neo draft post dada modernism in which the abstract & the moderate template of the past apocalyptic emotions are clearly illustrated! Do you now get it he asked me!??? Arf Arf Arf I said.

PS. I did try to link the word "David" by some HTML instructions, but I failed miserably. (at first!)

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David Toyne said...

That Sir Phileep certainly gets around!