Image Democracy

A slightly edited version of this was published in the BJP on 16.5.07 :

Letters: Oh this new-fangled terminology!
I'm feeling somewhat inferior, and so do a few other photographer friends! We feel that perhaps we are not intelligent or intellectual enough to participate in the current and now global issue of 'image democracy', and derivatives of the word democracy, so close to the hearts of some photographers, critics and experts (Special report, BJP 02 May).
Government by people, political or social equality is what I
understand democracy to mean! I do understand that from time to time human nature craves for the invention of new-fangled terminologies to put one's views,philosophies & theories in the upper clouds &/or in the realm of the intelligent to separate oneself from the others and win a place on the panel rather than in the nodding audience. We live in an age where excess of everything has resulted in the separation and distinguishing of ability by words rather than by what we produce!
The use of mobile phones is a global phenomenon.Even Dogs own mobile phones! Is that 'communication democracy'? More people buy cars than ever, is that 'transport democracy'? Kate Moss has introduced a fashion range, is that 'Moss democracy?' Is water shortage is some parts of the world 'liquid dictatorship' and is a 39 million pixel back 'digital imperialism' or am I just insane?!

Many Thanks to BJP.

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