Hey Man...

Hey Man..., originally uploaded by johnny mobasher.

Hey man, You want some weed? Bush? Ganja?

No Thanks.

How about some Yellow dust, needles, silver paper?

No Thank You.

Opium? Crack? Speed? Blue Bill? name it... I have it all, Top stuff... Blows your mind... You want some??

No Thanks.

Give you a good price!

I said No thanks.

Ok..Ok...Don't loose you cool...! You want some action?


You know, you want a floozie?

What's a Floozie?

Come on man...Don't be shy... You know... The Women of undesirable reputation?? Professional Harlots? Bitches? Sluts? Kinks?

Oh... No thanks.

No? BJ's? S&M? Any thing goes kind of Women? AG? TV? ACDC? FF? O's? you name it, you want some?

No Thanks! NO

You want another man?


Take it easy man! you look like you could do with some relaxing!! Got real beauties... I say...BEAUTIIIIEEEESSS..

I said No, NO is No.

Ok..Ok.. You want some fireworks?


Yeah man....a Gun? Some amo? hand grenades? rocker launchers? Tanks? Suicide bummers? Knives? AK's? explosives? any fire...

Stop...!! Are you mad? what is it with you?? No, don't want any of that!!!

You want to arrange to kill someone? blow them out? you know... make dead meat? assassinate some guy or women you don't like?


Kidnap anyone for you? got all the connection? the top men...

Look, I don't want any of that!

Then what the Fuck DO YOU WANT???

I just want a shave and a pair of eyes!!!

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