Traffic Wardens, Traffic Officers, Transport Officers

Stop! Stop! What are you doing!!??
Ticketing you.
Stop please?
No! I have started , so I have to finish!
Just stop please?
I cant Stop!!
Just coming out if the post office, Of course you can stop!
No I cant!!!
Oh come on!! You cant ticket me for that!!
Oh yes I can! (said with a grin), Look how you have parked!!!
One tire on the double yellow lines that’s all!!
Its still ONE tire OFF limits!
One Tire for God sake!!!
You have all that space in front of you and you had to park
with ONE tire on the yellow lines?
When I got here, there was a car parked in front of me, the idiot parked right in the middle and didn’t leave enough room for the second car, so ONE tire remained on the yellow lines!!! Now he’s gone and looks like I had all the space.
I’m still ticketing you!
You cant be fucking serious?
Don’t swear!
What? You’ll ticket me for fucking swearing too!!
Look Mr Traffic Warden, Your own driver had parked on Double yellow lines,ILLEGALY, So that you could just jump pout and ticket me!! Ticket your own driver too!!
(He Stuck the ticket on the wind screen),
You fucking lot are all the same.
What do you mean?
You guys must be a special breed to do what you do!
No wonder everyone hates you people?
I don’t have to listen to this.
Yes you fucking do!!!
You’re just a bunch of senseless zombies!!!
We’re not Zombies, Just doing a job!
A fucking JOB?? Worse than a McJob.
Not Zombies!!
What’s your name??
I’m Number 567876!!
Oh I see, you’re not a Zombie but a Fucking Robot with a number??
I’m not a Robot!
Oh NO, The what your name them?? Even Robots and Zombies have names!!
Oh No You look…. You Fucking Robotic Zombie….
You really didn’t have to do that do you!!

You guys wouldn’t even have mercy on your own mothers!!
That’s even if you HAD a fucking mother!!!

No need for that!!

Did anyone give you a hug when you were a child?

Did any fucker buy you an Ice cream when you were crying for one?

Did you ever had a Fucking teddy bear, you Zombie?

I could take your picture?

Oh Yeah!!?? Well, lets fucking take some pictures then……Bang!!!
PS: All the above is a work of reality fiction, all the conversation above didnt did take place, do not try this at home, Nothing in the above fiction is meant to be anything other than reality or to insult anyone other than no one else and certainly not the people who didnt have have the did conversation above. no pizza for you. whatever happened to all ths fun in the world!!!???

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